Turning User Adoption into User Advocacy

Why stop at user adoption, when you can achieve user advocacy? Come learn how Alice Becker has taken their team on a journey from user adoption to user advocacy.

From Markup to Magic – the Evolution of Lightning Components

It's been almost three years since developers began building Lightning Components. During that time, a lot has changed. In this fast-paced session, we'll take a look back at where

Go with the Flow

Flow is a powerful tool that can automate any repetitive task or process. With Flow you can collect, update, edit, and create Salesforce information, and then make those flows

Salesforce Development Best Practices

- When to Code and when Not to Code in Salesforce
- Taking the Minimalist / Modular  approach in both design & development
- Best practices around Apex, Visualforce and Lightning

Managing the Change: Migrating from Classic to Lightning

Lessons that I have learnt from my own experience is that planning the change and embedding knowledge for new users takes twice as long as the system build itself.

Putting the You into IoT

IoT has worked its way into our daily lives. From net-enabled power readers to connected speakers in our living rooms, we now have a level of familiarity with how 

Re-framing, a key to solving the most important problems

The Salesforce Platform’s declarative configuration framework is now more powerful and flexible than ever. This means that end to end, integrated applications go from PoC to Production ready in a matter of days and weeks.

Approaches to building reusable lightning components

Often, developers write the same code multiple times and create technical debt as a result of this. Examples include calling server-side actions from individual components or handling response errors

Things to know when nurturing or starting a career in Salesforce

  • Heard good things about Salesforce, but not sure if it’s still a good time to switch?
  • Are you an experienced professional coming from another industry like Microsoft, SAP,

What is Design Thinking? And is it real?

Human Centred Design, Value Proposition Design, Service DesignDesign-Led ThinkingDesign ThinkingDesign Doing. What does all this mean and is it real or just vapourware? In this session

The Product Roadmap You Built

Salesforce Chief Product Officer Bret Taylor and his leadership team are touring the world asking what matters most most to you.  Join this session to hear what we discovered

Platform Events – An Intellectual decision of intellectuals

Tick Tock, Tick Tock - Are you still re-implementing the wheel by creating an integration engine to handle your integration seamlessly? Hold on, Time is money! And its

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